/ 25.1.16

The weather has been a bit up and down in Canberra lately and sometimes I notice whispers of autumn. A yellow leaf, a cooler morning, the midday sun starting to slice through the north windows.

I have been loosely following the blood type eating plan by Peter D'Adamo with great results but I'm struggling to get back on track after Christmas. It is so easy to reach for a ham sandwich when I should be eating vegetables. 

We really felt like chips for lunch today and the girls love sweet potato so I made this chunky sweet potato chips. As sweet potato contains a lot of water, the trick is not to get them too sweaty and soft, try and get them crispy. Here's how.

Really easy recipe for sweet potato chips:
Sweet potatoes scrubbed but not peeled
Rice bran oil
Garlic powder
Dry polenta
1. Preheat the oven to about 230C with a heavy based non-stick backing tray in it.
2. Cut up the sweet potato into relatively same size chunky chips. Leave the skin on but scrub it clean. That is where all the vitamins are and they help make the chips more crunchy.
3. Cover them chips in oil, garlic powder and polenta.
4. Take the hot tray out of the oven and spread the chips out nicely. Put them in the oven and after about 10-15 minutes turn them over. Cook another 10-15 minutes. They'll just look and smell ready.
5. Salt them and eat.
*Salt them at the end not the beginning otherwise the salt draws the moisture out during the cooking process which can make them more soggy.

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