/ 1.11.15

If you enjoy doing things like knitting beanies for Barbie dolls, like me, then this project is right up your alley.

You've likely read Part 1 of this tutorial and you are ready to free your weaving from its tiny confines. I have to let you know that when I designed this mini loom I never intended for it to be a producing loom, rather an ornamental pendant you could wear around your neck. But it can be done with patience, time and a couple of tricks.

The key is to thread a double warp. This leaves you more thread to tie it off with at once it is off the loom.

Oh, also... The mini weaving loom now comes in gold glitter! Yes. So sparkly. Shop for it here.

^^^ 1. Thread your warp as you usually would.
^^^ 2. Then go back over it, so you have a double warp, one on top of the other.
^^^ 3. You'll end up back where you started the warp so tie the two ends together in the middle.
^^^ 4. Make your mini weaving. Thread the loose ends into the back and cut them close. Be careful not to cut the warp at all.
^^^ 5. Now you can cut the warp. Slice it right down the middle so there is equal warp left either side. Gently remove the weaving from the loom.
^^^ 6. Now you have a choice of how to tie off your warp and secure the weft. You can self-knot the two strands of warp. It helps to use a tooth pick to pull the strands through. Then knot as close to the weft as possible.
^^^ You can also use a tiny tooth pick as a dowel and tie each set of warp threads around it. I did this at the top and the self-knots at the bottom.
^^^ Use the internal cutting surface of pliers to trim the pointy ends off the toothpick.


  1. Fabulous, glad you worked that out for me! Now that means I have to get my mini loom out to play again. Loving the new glitter one. =)

    1. Thanks so much! The glitter is so much better in real life.

  2. Thank you for doing this! You are my favorite lady :)



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