/ 25.11.15

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Making your own professional-looking invitations doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. If you keep the copy simple you only need one main visual element.

For my dad's birthday invitations, I recently used a beautiful vintage wallpaper that I bought but had no idea what to do with. I scanned in a large piece of it and used it to print envelope liners. Then on the back of the very simple invitations, I printed the same pattern. You could even use your favourite fabric or wrapping paper pattern in the same way.

His favourite colour is green and it is a summer party at a vineyard so I think it came together nicely.

I made the invitations in MS Word and printed on card stock 4 invitations to an A4 page. Then I sliced them with a guillotine.

Remember if you are scanning for printing to follow these non-negotiables:

1. Set your scanner to scan at 300dpi.
2. Scan as a JPG file. It is the most flexible image file type to work with.
3. Make sure the material you are scanning is completely flat but putting a book on top of it before closing the scanner lid.

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