/ 4.5.15

Kids seem to treasure and collect some of the most unexpected items. Things that grown-ups might find completely unexceptional are often fascinating and special to kids.

This is a great project for getting these little trinket collections out of the box (or off the floor) and up to a pride-of-place position.

You will need:
  • your chosen trinkets
  • grosgrain ribbon the same width as your trinket (I love the ones from Eckersley's, they had a great vintage feel)
  • needle and thread (I used invisible thread and also gold thread)
  • balsa wood (I used 3mm x 95mm balsa wood from Bunnings)
  • large jump rings (I used Ribtex 10mm boho gold from Lincraft)

  1. First you need to match your trinkets to your ribbons. They look best when the ribbon is the same width as the item that will hang from it.
  2. Attach jump rings to each trinket using a needle and thread. Where the thread is obvious I used gold thread to add a bit of shine.
  3. Decide how long you want them to hang and cut ribbons for each trinket. Thread ribbon through jump rings after they are attached to trinkets.
  4. Turn the ends of the ribbon with right sides facing each other and, using a needle and thread, sew a running stitch across the top. Trim excess ribbon.
  5. Turn right side out again and press lightly with an iron.
  6. Cut the balsa wood length so it is the same length as the ribbons widths you want to hang off it. It is really easy to cut and I just used the inner part of a pair of pliers.
  7. I then poked a small pin through the balsa wood and into the wall. The ribbon covered the pin and voila!

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