/ 18.5.15

My girls have their birthdays close together and we've been celebrating all month! They each had a party - Miranda a Marie Antoinette princess party for her friends and Natalie a dinosaur party for the family. 

On the weekend we had Miranda's family party. It was a small affair and a chance for the family to wish her well and eat some cake! I made a ballerina cake featuring my silver glitter cake topper together with the same ballerina toppers I had on my own cake as a little girl. I was so obsessed with them back in those days. 

The girls wore their Tutu du Monde dresses so they too could be little pirouetting ballerinas. 

Little did we know when we woke up that morning that we were going to acquire a new family member and the closest thing we'll ever have to a pet these days, a Melissa & Doug giant plush giraffe, who apparently also needs to be tucked in at night with a blanket.  And I thought it was just the kids and the wine fridge.

Happy Birthday sweet Randa! x

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