/ 27.4.15

On the weekend, we celebrated Natalie turning two with a dinosaur party for the family. It was a sweet and simple affair with lots of roaring. I thoroughly enjoyed cracking out the new dinosaur cake topper range. I also thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my little Natalie who, as the second child, tends to just follow along with her sister.

Most of the party decorations are from Kmart who have a great and simple party range that is all colour coded and goes for aisles. We got the foil silver jumbo number 2 balloon from Sparty's.

We ate dinosaur claws (Doritos), dinosaur teeth (long triangle sandwiches), herbivore snacks (humous and veggie sticks), dinosaur egg nests (cupcakes with choc eggs), a mountain of donuts covered in dinosaurs, and green jelly of course! You can't have a kids party without jelly.

We mostly ate and played with her new presents. Then as the sun set on a perfect Canberra autumn day we all went outside to play with Natalie's new tiny tennis racquet. Life is good.

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