/ 20.2.15

My mum recently found and gave me my childhood flower press. I can remember being obsessed with it, for some reason. Possibly because flower pressing was a very fashionable thing in the 80s. People were pressing flowers then arranging them as flat bouquets in box frames like little flower coffins. I might even have wanted to use them to make things to sell at my mum's craft market stall.

I was always trying to press flowers as a child and often unsuccessfully. They always stuck to the cardboard (use wax paper) and I could never wait long enough for them to dry, parting the press layers too soon and ruining the gig.

I've recently been pressing with Miranda (3.5yo) and she loves it. In particular, I love pressing any blue flowers and even poppies, which seem bulky to press but change colour during the drying process. Love them. I just don't quite know what to do with them. Pot pourrie, anyone?

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