Australiana wallpaper for Natalie's room

/ 2.1.15

Anything Australiana instantly makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It has a lot to do with being a child of the 80s - Expo 88, Ken Done, Men At Work, Olivia Newton John. I thoroughly enjoyed that whole Australia explosion as a near 10-year old.

During a session on Spoonflower I came across this 'Flower Girls' pattern designed by Ellie Whittaker of Taffy & Twine and it was love at first sight. As a child I spent hours obsessing over the Flower Fairies book by Cicely Mary Barker and this pattern made me think of my two little girls dressed up like flower fairies.

Spoonflower is a great concept. You can design and print your own fabric, wallpaper and wrap. It is also an awesome place to find unique designs from independent and emerging designers.

I ordered Ellie's 'Flower Girls' design as wallpaper and then wallpapered the main wall of Natalie's room in preparation for her entrance to her big girl days.

Low moments:
- Spoonflower wallpaper has to be overlapped rather than butting the edges together. I knew I would not like this so I overlapped the drops and trimmed the edge so they matched exactly. Then I numbered them in the order I needed to hang them.
- The wallpaper pattern repeat did not match up exactly all the way down the drops. This is a printing issue but no biggie for me because it is for a child's room so it will receive some grubby action.

High moments:
- Spoonflower wallpaper is very affordable and can be removed easily.
- I used a spray bottle of water to activate the paste on the wallpaper drops rather than dip them into water and book them.
- The final result was wonderful due to Ellie's beautiful design. It makes us all smile every time we look at it.

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