Tutorial: Finishing your tiny miniature embroidery hoop frames

/ 4.3.14

People often write to me asking for suggestions on finishing the backs of my mini embroidery frames.

This tutorial shoes how I like to do it. You can use felt or cardboard. I think felt is easier to glue on and more forgiving.

1. Take the centre of your embroidery frame and place it on the felt.

2. Holding them together use sharp fabric or embroidery scissors and cut out around the centre adding about 2mm over hang. The idea is to cut a circle of felt larger than the centre but smaller than the outer piece of the frame.

3. Put your embroidery into the frame.

4. Turn it over and trim the fabric as closely as you can.

5. Dot fabric glue sparingly like the numbers of a clock around the fabric edge. Don't use too much glue. You can add glue later if it is not enough but you cannot take it out if is oozing everywhere.

6. Put the felt circle on top and press gently.

7. Your glue will start to get tacky soon. Using a pin, tuck the fabric in and under the felt. You might have to do this a couple of times until the glue dries. Sometimes I dip the pin into glue again and push more glue in where the fabric is still trying to stick out. Put it under a heavy-ish book to dry.

8. Admire!


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