Tutorial: Tiny cross stitches on your gloves for a touchscreen friendly winter

/ 30.4.12


It is getting cold in the land Down Under, well, where I am. We're getting out our gloves and mittens.

Have you ever wanted to use your touchscreen with gloves on and found you had to take them off? What a pain! To solve the problem, all you need is a 6stitchkit...

I just finished using one of these kits and some of my tiny embroidery frames to convert my own woolly gloves to touchscreen gloves.

I took the opportunity to make the alteration decorative by adding some coloured embroidery thread to the mix. 

Here's how:
1. Stack up three of my little empty frames and push them inside the glove finger you are going to stitch on. Typically the thumb and pointer fingers. This will stop you from stitching through both layers of glove and also stretch the glove fabric making it easier to stitch your amazing design.
2. Decide on a design. It can be anything, just make sure that the 6stitchkit thread is in the middle of the design as this is where the touchscreen magic happens. I particularly love a chevron pattern!
3. I left the start and end of the thread hanging out (as instructed by the kit) then trimmed the tails right down until I could not see them. You can knot them off if you want by delicately turning the glove finger inside out and tying a tiny knot from the two strands.
4. When you have finished all your stitching, gently remove the frames and they are ready to wear!

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